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Fully 13C-labelled Yeast Extract
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Unlabeled Metabolite Yeast Extract
Metabolite Yeast Extracts

Dry extract of >2 × 109 Pichia pastoris cells (~15 mg; strain CBS 7435).
Ideal for the measurement of hundreds of metabolites across a panel of classes (e.g., amino acids, organic acids, sugar phosphates, vitamins, and co-enzyme). Potential use includes QC and quantitation in LC- or GC-MS studies. Please see our Publications for example MS-based applications.
Routinely Identified Metabolites*
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12C/13C 50:50 metabolite standard
ISOpascal standard
Validation tool for high resolution MS and metabolic flux analysis.
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>95 % 34S-labelled yeast hydrolysates containing L-Methionine sulfone and L-Cysteic acid for absolute protein quantification
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