Our Vision

Contemporary issues in the life sciences constantly require new approaches in research and diagnostics. A key technology for this is the mass spectrometry.

We offer products and methods that guarantee an increased precision in chemical analysis. Our products increase on the one hand, the quality of quantitative measurements by a significant improvement in the accuracy of the results, on the other hand they enable efficient spectrometric analyzes with a high throughput. This is also connected to a cost reduction. We achieve this through the provision of internal standards for virtually any molecule of the primary and secondary metabolism.

By definition, internal standards are compounds which have a very high analogy with the actual target analyte. The closest analogy, making it the ideal internal standard, provide stable-isotope-labeled molecules. These have a higher molecular weight than the target analyte, but are chemically identical. According to today’s state of the art, with a few exceptions, such standards are produced by organic synthesis. We can offer our products cheaper because the manufacturing is carried out by in-vivo synthesis.

Our product is composed of stable isotope-labeled, primary and secondary metabolic products of yeasts. The yeasts is cultured on a synthetic culture medium in which more than 99% of all carbon atoms have been substituted by stable ¹³C isotopes. Thus in principle, the entire extracted yeast metabolome can serve as an internal standard for mass spectrometry.

Our base products allow already in the routine the creation of a quantitative reference point for quality-assured analysis in the field of metabolomics research. By continuously developing our products further, kits will be made available, with which the complex issues in the biomarker research can be tackled on a high, quality-controlled level.

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